• Who we are

    Home base is New Zealand, and we are photographers, web designers, writers, producers of video, drone footage, youtube bloggers, and of course, ‘Traders and Explorers’.

  • What we do

    As Traders and Explorers we bring you our knowledge of the far flung places we’ve visited and the new ones to come. Our wanders are personal, and our stories reflect this.

  • The gear we use

    All our equipment is handpicked for versatility, compactness and weight.
    From experience if you don’t get it right before you go, its too late to change halfway through the trip.

Our Latest Project

Trip to Burma

Trip to Burma is our personal take on this country Myanmar recently opened up to the world.
With Lumix G85 Camera and Mavic pro Drone we are off to bring you footage of a mystical land. So far 12 videos are up and heaps more to come. Our recommendations for travel flights, hotels and transport are included in the personal stories we bring to you.

Upcoming Projects


We had a reason to travel to Bali in October and so we will update our footage on this exotic place soon.
Due for release in January 2018 we show you the latest in fusion food, exotic places, exploring the markets, rice fields for ever, and Balinese ceremonies.
The content we collect will be used in a new website featuring tours to Bali, and feature a lot of our Balinese friends – Drivers and Businesses.

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is huge. Much bigger than I thought. We are amazed at the complex rooms and levels in the main temple, with the surrounding temples in the outlying areas just as impressive. Getting around by tuk tuk is half the fun.
We hope to go back for an update in 2018 in the same month – June. Best to go before the rainy season starts, so we are not drowned by rains and humanity. Thankfully the tourists have dropped off at this time of the year.

Bali – Sangeh Monkey Forest