What we do

Home base is in the Far North of New Zealand, and we are photographers, web designers, writers, producers of video, drone footage, youtube bloggers, and of course, ‘Traders and Explorers’.

Irwins 10 years experience as a web developer and photographer makes Traders and Explorers an obvious next step for us. He is the photographer and drone person and I’m the gopher, general helper, and keeper of the keys.

So loaded with cameras, drones, and our backpacks, we’re off to bring you stories and videos of where we’ve been and some new places as well.

As Traders and Explorers we bring you our knowledge of the far flung places we’ve visited and the new ones to come.

The experiences we have we share with you with gratitude for the chance to look at the world through opening eyes. And with hope for the future.
Our wanders are personal, and our websites reflect this.