Who we are

In the northern part of New Zealand in the North Island is a wonderful place called The Bay of Islands. We live here surrounded by the sea, in a place at the bottom of the world, with ancient forests and clear night skies.

We once had a store called Enz of the Earth, and 2 years ago we sold it.
Our store was home to all sorts of treasures we bought on our travels around Asia.
From furniture to Buddhas and hand thrown pots. With jewellery to Ganeshas and hand carved mirrors, we had it all.

We were travellers looking in distant places for furniture, jewellery, garments to sell in our stores.
And Enz of the Earth was home to all these treasures before they continued their journeys with other people.
So having sold this wonderful shop that brought together people visiting from all over the world, we now need a new perspective.

Our 25 years of travels took us over much of South East Asia , and we have seen it change enormously.

Many out of the way, quiet, laid back places, are now tourist hotspots, and we want to show you what it can still look like if you know where to look …, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Bali, Burma, India, China and more.

Alongside making ceramics and buying treasures for Enz of the Earth our other passion is photography reflected in our 10 years experience of web design and photography.

Our Enz of the Earth store was a place we still think about often, so building on our website and film business helps remind us of this and allows us to document our footsteps in a new way …..

Travelling and trading and exploring has become a way of life for us, giving us a different slant on the world, and so we’ve come up with a new name … “Traders and Explorers” … this is us now.

Irwin Lawson and Geraldine Davy